Saturday, 17 June 2017

IPhone 8 will have the same-to-age display-hightech camera, see the new look in photos

Apple's upscaling latest handsets model has replaced the iPhone 8, again in the roomers market, this time features and launch dates leaked with some latest pics. English Tech News website has been the latest model of new models and features posed.

According to the report of idropnews, new models can come with high-end technology and cutting edge design. Apple could launch the iPhone 8 on its 10th anniversary event.

* IPhone 8 launch date (Expected)
Last year, iPhone7 was launched by Apple on September 7, which was a tremendous combination of date and model number, so that the company can try to do this at this time too. The iPhone 8 could be launched this time on September 8, 2017. However, some analysts believe that the new model may come in October or November 2017. Apple has earlier launched iPhone 6s on Friday and iPhone 7 on Wednesday.

This HiTech feature can be in iPhone 8.
- Size and Dimensions
- Hidden Touch ID
- Name Change
- Camera
- Touch System
- Edge-to-Edge Display
- 5.8 "Model
- Advanced Siri
- Steel Frame
- Wireless Charging
- Facial Recognition
- Water Resistance
- Apple Pencil
- iOS 11

Friday, 9 June 2017

Dell, HP to Lenovo, is perfect for gaming these 10 laptops

While purchasing gaming laptops, users should take special care of these five things - processor speed, RAM, graphics card, storage capacitance and screen size. As much as these five items, the laptop will be of good quality. If you want to buy a laptop, we show you about 10 laptops, which is perfect for gaming.

Here is the gaming laptop

1. Dell Inspiron 15 3541
Price: Rs 26,000


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixels)
- AMD APU A8-7410 Processor
- AMD RedOn HD R5 M230 2GB graphics card
- 4 GB RAM
- 500 GB fresh capacities
- Ubuntu operating system

2. Acer Aspire E E5-573
Price: Rs 29,299


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- 2.0 GHz Intel-Core i3 fifth generation processor
- Nvidia GeForce 920M 2GB graphics card
- 1 TB Starship Capacity
- Linux operating system

3. Dell Vostro 3546
Price: Rs 33,990


- 14 inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- Intel® Core 1.7 GHz i3 fourth-generation processor
- Nvidia GT 820M, 2GB graphics card
- 500 GB fresh capacities
- Ubuntu operating system

4. Samsung NP350V5C-S0BIN
Price: Rs 37,000


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- 2.6 GHz Intel-Core i5 third-generation processor
- AMD RedOn HD7670M, 2GB graphics card
- 1 TB Starship Capacity
- Windows 8 operating system

5. HP-15AB108AXPrice: Rs 37,184


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- AMD APU A8-7410 Processor
- AMD M360 2GB graphics card
- 8 GB RAM
- 1 TB Starship Capacity
- Windows 10 operating system

6. Asus A555LF-XX262T
Price: Rs 37,500


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- Intel-Core i3 5010U fifth generation processor
- Nvidia GeForce 930M, 2GB graphics card
- 1 TB Starship Capacity
- Windows 10 operating system

7. HP Pavilion G6-2105TX
Price: Rs 38,490


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- 2.4 GHz Intel-Core i3 processor
- ATI Mobility Radeon 7670M HD graphics card
- 500 GB fresh capacities
- Windows 7 operating system

8. Lenovo G50-80
Price: Rs 38,900


- 15.6 inches (1366 * 768 pixels resolution)
- Intel-Core i5 5200U fifth generation processor
- ATI M330GB graphics card
- 1 TB Starship Capacity
- DOS operating system

9. HP Compaq 15-s104TX Notebook
Price: 39,390


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- 1.7 GHz Intel-Core i5 fourth generation
- NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M 2GB graphics card
- 1 TB Starship Capacity
- DOS operating system

10. ACER Aspire V3-574G
Price: Rs 39,990


- 15.6-inch screen display (1366 * 768 pixel resolution)
- Intel-Core i5 6200 fifth generation processor
- Genfors 920M, 2GB graphics card
- 1 TB Starship Capacity
- DOS operating system

Now this 10 work will be done from the iPhone, Update this to the new iOS

Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) has begun with Something from 2017, the event in California's San Jose City will last until June 9. In the first day's announcement, Apple launched the new iOS 11. It is worth mentioning that after the new iOS 11, users will now be able to do many tasks easily. Here and show you about its 10 Biggest Updates ....

1. Siri will be already smarter than before
The serial is slowly getting smarter, after the 11th of May the serial will work more smartly. Develops underside by learning the user's abilities and phone users, giving users better integration based on their iOS users' experience. Its sound will be improved by becoming completely human, and it will be able to talk in different tones.

2. Music update
Apple has added a new feature to music, in which the user will know what his friend is listening and he can listen to the song.

3. Apple Payee Direct Payment
Users will be able to make direct payments through Apple Pay. This can be done using some tapes in the phone to sift money, pay bills for something.

4. Apple Maps will be smarter
Apple Maps will be updated more than ever, this will get the best navigation in both cars and roads. Users can browse zoom in at the Shopping Center and at the airport. You can also learn about Flores as well. This feature can be very useful at the time of flight capture. At present, this feature will be available in the US only. Navigation also provides speed limit and lane guidance to make driving easier.

5. HomeKit AirPlay 2 also upgraded
Speaker category will also get a new feature in AirPlay 2, which will allow the user to access the multirum system, which means that you can play music from Apple Music on the speaker. With Apple TV as well as a speaker, you can control the music using a serial.

6. A new feature in App Store
After a long time, new features have also been introduced in App Store. Today section has been launched in App Store, where the user can see what's new today. In this section game and app have also been added.

7. Control sensors
Apple has also upgraded the control sensor so that the user can easily access everything. Now all the control sensors will get an icon on the same page.

8. The size of the photo and the video will be smaller
The iOS 11 features a lot of work, in which photos and videos will take a lot of space to save on the phone. The video will be saved as a HEVS file and photo HEIF. The company claims that the size of both of these files will be halfway to the previous.

9. Apple files
This app will save all your files and work into Dropbox and Google Drive like third-party apps. This will get you all the same place.

10. Augmented reality
Apple has added the feature of Augmented reality in iOS 11, in which developers will be able to make new and amazing creations.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Apple's conference From Today, Can launch iOS 11, new iPad, MacBook

Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will start from 2017 Monday in the City of San Jose in California, the conference will run until June 9. The live telecast of this conference will be done at 10:30 pm in India. Apple will also launch new technologies and software with some great products at this event, and some hardware may also be launched.

Can be launched on iOS 11

Apple could launch its latest operating system iOS 11 at this event. In this, the user will get face-to-face capabilities, update serials, and more with new updates and interfaces. It is said that the 32-bit apps in this OS will not work. In addition, the company can also announce TVOS 11, watchOS 4 and macOS 11.

- MacBook Pros, iPad Pro and Siri Smart Speakers can also be launched during this event.

MacBook Pros

- The 7th Generation MacBook Pro can also be launched at the WWDC 2017 event. In this there will be Kaby Lake Prosester. The company that launched the laptop last year was in the 6th Generation. This time the model of the MacBook Pro will be launched, it can be Touch Bar and Touch ID.

Siri Smart Speaker

- Apple is also working on Siri-based Smart Speaker and it is believed that this could be launched in WWDC 2017. The speaker will come with AI Capabilities. This will work like Amazon Echo and Google Home. This speaker will also have facial recognition and some kids bits technology. It is believed that working on the iOS operating system

Magic Key Board

- According to some online reports, Apple Magic can also launch a key board. It does not have much detail about how this works, but it can be Touch ID and Touch Bar.

Find a bug in Android, Google will give $ 2 million prize

One day after the 'Judy' Malware was affected by Android 3.65 million Android phones, Google Android operating system has increased the prize given to the bug detector by $ 2 million.

According to some received information, dozens of malware apps from Play Store have been downloaded 45 million to 1.85 crore times. Some of them have been on the Play Store for many years.

Apart from that, according to a report, most of the events of the malware and security violations on mobile have been found in the phone which is creating an old operating system.

The latest version of Android is safe. The risk is the operating system that Google has developed over the years. So far Google has not been able to find any bugs in the new Android and get the prize.

However, the company has increased the prize money to $ 2 million to make its OS safer and connect more researchers and engineers. Google started the program of awarding two years ago. Can not win any prize so far

Why Google's new Android name 'O'? These phones will get the first updates

The world's most populous operating system is Google's Android. Google launched this beta version on an I / O event. The name of the new OS will be Android 8.0 O, "O" can mean Orio, but Google has not yet provided any information about it. The beta version has been launched at the moment and Android 8.0 O will be launched globally in October. Compared to Android Knogt (N), this has been made more powerful and user-friendly.

Name of Android O
- What is the name of the Google operating system Android O, it's suspend yet.
- But according to some media reports and some photos on Twitter, their name may be 'OREO'.

Google always keeps the name of the Android OS up to the name of Sweet, as well as maintains alphabetical order. If you look at the latest versions, then Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat are in alphabetic order. According to some tech experts, the next version may be named Oreo, Orange, Oatcake and Oh.

The Google Android O operating system will be launched in the Google Pixel and Pixel XL handsets first in October event. It will then be updated to Nexus devices such as the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus Player and Pixel C. From November to December, updates to other companies' smartphones will start getting.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Now the story will be read in WhatsApp status, Learn how this feature works

Many of the features of Wattship have been added, which are easing the work of users. WhatsApp launched the status story feature in February. This feature has become very populer, but there are many users who do not yet know about using this feature, and some do not even know about this feature. If you are one of these then this story is a work for you. We are showing you here how to use this interactive feature ...

This is how WhatsApp Stories of others
To see others' WhatsApp stories, you have to tap on Status, taping on it shows a new WhatsApp status story. Your friends who've uploaded the studio will see you here. Now see how WhatsApp is uprooted.

Step 1
To access this feature, open the profile and tap on the Status option, now the My Status option will appear, tap on it.

Step 2
Now the list of the media file will open in front of you, in this you can set photo, video, GIF in whatever status. You can also write emoji, captions and text in this.

Step 3
In this you will also see a live video record and the option to drag the photo. With the circular button being started, the video will start making and the photo can be dragged by tapping the same button. This photo or video can also create your WhatsApp Story.

This way can be deleted
This status story gets deleted in 24 hours, but if you want you can delete it before it, for this, tap the My Status button to tap on three dot.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Samsung Launches Budget Smartphone Galaxy Feel, Know Features

After launching its superb flagship smartphone Galaxy S8, Samsung has released its new budget smartphone Galaxy Fell in Japan. This is available for pre-booking in Japan. The company has not yet announced its price.

Samsung Galaxy Fell will be made available in White, Pink and Black color variants. This fingerprint scanner is given in this Home button. In addition, there is hope of having a glass bank with Metal Age. The volume button is given in the left hand of the smartphone, while the power button is given in Wright. It has a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm audio jack.

According to the specification, Samsung Galaxy Feel runs on Android 7.0 Nogget. It has a 4.7-inch HD (720x1280 pixels) super AMOLED screen. This smartphone has a 1.6GHz octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM.

Talking about Galaxy Feel's camera section, 16 MPs in the rear and 5MP camera for the selfie in the front. It has 32GB of internal storage.

Samsung's new smartphone is weighing 149 grams. This smartphone is with dust and water resistant. It has 3000mAh battery with fast charging support. According to the claim made by the company, this smartphone is fully charged in just 110 minutes.

Google Is Offering A Chance To Earn Money, One Survey Will Get 70 Rupees, This Is Process.

Users who use Gmail, Google is giving them the best chances to earn money at home. Google has launched its Google Opinion Rewards App in India. This is the Quick Survey App, where Survey can earn the right answers to users in dollars. The survey has to be answered by the user on the phone. This app was accessible only to some selected countries except India. However, it has now been launched with India in Singapore and Turkey.

- Using this app is quite easy.
- It can be installed in free from Google Play Store.
- Then the user has to give details about asked things.
- Here's a question about the user's age and earnings.

One survey will get one dollar
- Google will make a survey every week, although the number may sometimes be less occasionally.
- The user will be given a notification before surveys.
- After completing the survey, the answers to the questions asked are correct and one dollar will be given.

About Google Opinion Rewards App..
- This app of Google has been installed 5 million times so far.
- The app can be installed on the updated version with Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean.
- The size of this app is around 11MB, however, according to the device, these will take different spaces.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Facebook Made A Big Change In The Trending Toppics

The social media website Facebook has finally announced a major change in the trending section. There have been some types of controversy before taking it. Sometimes trending topics have been discussed in the discussion due to false news.

According to the company, after the new change, click on trending topical search on the iPhone will get different cards. Swipe it up and get publications related to a Topic. Not only that You will also see the news attached to this topic. Anyone who has shared celebrity or your friends

Currently, this is for the iPhone but in the coming times the company will also give it an Android and desktop version. The company has said that currently US iPhone users will get a new results page and they will soon be given a second platform.

Facebook trending Topics will also be done for mobile app
Facebook product manager Ali Ahmadi and product design Joan Angelo told the official statement. We constantly hear from people that they have trouble finding trending topics in the Facebook Mobile App. That's why we will soon be testing in the news feed. Then users will see three trending stories. Click on it to see the full list.

Facebook has said that, "Currently, this changed feature is not visible to people in the news feed, because this is part of the test. We hope that it will help the trending Topic to be more profitable and useful."

Use WhatsApp Without Any Sim in your Smartphone

Here we show you a trick that lets you play your WhatsApp on any mobile phone. For this you will not even need to seam it in another phone, that is, if you have two phones, you can play WhatsApp without any SIM changes in the phone. This trick is working for you if you want to play WhatsApp on a tablet.

This code has to be inserted...
As you open WhatsApp in another phone, which does not have your SIM, then WhatsApp will ask you to verify the number. You have to enter your mobile number in it. With a mobile number, it will have a verification code. It will open WhatsApp in the second phone.

- For this, both phones or tablets need to have the WhatsApp app installed.
- Both phones must have internet connection as well. Even if you do not have data, you can also play WhatsApp in another phone by connecting to wi-fi.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The phone will not spoil in the water for 30 minutes, 4100mAH's heavy battery

LG launches its latest smartphone LG X venture, this phone has an IP68 rating. The company claims that this phone can last up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meters of deep water, but there is no problem. With the durability of the phone being high, the company has been given a solid battery of 4100mAH.

Another big feature of this phone is the QuickButton given in the phone's Edge. In this user can work with multiple actions. Different actions will be performed with the pressure of the button. As soon as the user gives a short pressure, the phone will launch the outdoors. Long pressurized user will be able to go directly to the phone's setting. The phone can be operated by QuickButton even if the screen is off. Three physical keys have been given to the phone's front for quick interaction. The phone can be easily operated by this key even if there are gloves or gloves in hand.

Half a battery will be charged in 48 minutes..
The phone has a solid battery of 4100mAH, and has been given Quick Charge 2.0 technology to charge the phone. The company claims that if the battery is completed, it can be charged 50% in just 48 minutes. Battery will provide power up to 24 hours from full charge. The phone has three bad favorites.

Fingerprint sensor, dual rear camera..
The phone has a dual rear camera with fingerprint sensor. The rear camera is 16MP and the front camera is 5MP. This method was given in the LG's flagship flagship phone G and V series smartphones. In the Outdoor App of the phone, features such as Exercise Tracker, Activity Counter. The display is 5 inches, the resolution is 1080X1920. It has 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage. This can be expanded up to 2TB via micro SD card.

Will run on the latest Android..
The phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor, which runs on Android 7.0 Nogut. At present, this has been launched in the United States. The next few weeks will be launched in Asia. The company will release different dates for launch in all the countries.

The biggest good news for WhatsApp users, you also know

If you are a Whatsapp user, you have goodwill. There is a possibility that a new feature 'Revoke' will come very soon in this app. This feature allows users to randomly unsandbox or recall their message. Until that, the message can also be edited or deleted. According to the received information, this feature can be used only within 5 minutes of sending the message in WhatsApp.

Let me tell you that the details of this feature are often encountered, but this time the news is being projected that this feature will be launched very soon. Earlier this new feature was found in WhatsApp IPhone so that users can edit or delete a message sent to a contact. Apart from this, it has been revealed that a new update may also come in WhatsApp. This feature can also find formatting shortcut like bold, italic and monospace. Whatsapp Android beta users can test this feature.

Last week too, the buzz was that the Whatsapp was working on feature additions. If the receiver does not read the message, then users will be able to delete that message. But the new beta release is getting information that the company is considering various ways. This feature has not been issued to the public.

Install this app, your friend's phone screen will appear on your phone

Install this app, your friend's phone screen will appear on your phone.

Here we show you an app that allows you to share your mobile screen with others, that means your mobile screen can be seen in your friend's mobile and your friend's screen in your mobile. For this you only have to follow the 2 minute process.

* 2 Minutes Process ...

First of all, go to the Google Play Store to download the inkwire app on your friend or phone, whose screen you want to see.

Step 1
Go to Google Play Store and download this icon app by opening it on both phones.

Step 2
A window will open in front of you when open.

Step 3
Now open this app in the phone of your friend phone in which you want to share the screen.

Step 4
Now click on the share of the phone you want to share.

Step 5
Click on Start Now a window will open when click on Start Now.

Step 6
One click will be generated only by clicking on Start Now.

Step 7
Now you have to put this code by clicking on Acess to go to another phone.

Step 8
This will start connecting only when you file it.

Step 9
When connecting, this will give you a message asking you to energize the microphone. You can select this according to your choice.

Step 10
Now you have to click on Got it.

Step 11
Doing this will share your screen. Now whatever you're doing on a phone's screen, it will appear on the screen of another phone.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Do this way call, the opponent will see a new number

There is an app available on Google Play Store, which allows the user to hide their number and make any call, which means that you do not see your original number on the screen, but every time a new number will appear. This number can be whatever it is, but it will be very different from your original number. With this trick, you can call anyone without hiding your original number. The name of this app is IndyCall.

With the help of data make call

- The full name of this app is 'IndyCall - Free calls to India'.
- The call from the app is done by the data.
- This means that the user's call is absolutely free, but there must be data for this.
- Due to the call from the phone, the new number is displayed on the phone's screen.

The user can hide his own number

- Users of this app can use users who do not want to show their numbers to others.
- When women are calling a new number, they can change their number and make a call.
- It is important for the app to call a number from the same number, each time a new number will appear.
- This is a fake number, can not even make a return call on it.

About IndyCall App ...

- IndyCall - Free calls to India App can be downloaded from the Android user Play Store for free.
- In the Moto X Play handset, the app halts the 65MB of space, leaving these different space in each phone.
- The app can be installed on Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and its upgraded version.
- This free app has been installed more than 10 million times so far.
- There is no setting to do after setting up the app, this direct works.
- The app often does not call up soon, often to be tried.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Alien Tank Found From The Moon

Alien's existence is always becoming the main subject of research for scientists. Among all this, NASA has made the world a great deal of explanation. NASA receives an army proportion of Alien on the Moon. NASA has issued some photos, In which aliens tanks are visible. This claim of scientists is no less surprising.According to sources, these photos of NASA are investigated by the famous Youtube Channel Secureteam-10's UFO Expert. In the video, SecureTime 10 has claimed that, A tank shaped object is visible on the Moon's ruins.

According to experts, the moon is full of rocks, But this view is amazing. If there really is this one tanks which will be very old. According to Secureteam-10, this tank can be part of an old membership. Scientists have said that this is made of metal, which is a matter of concern.

UFO researchers have also accepted the possibility that, Things like this tank can be the texture of the ancient army. But because of the strange shape it is also a mystery.

Big Change Is Coming In Google Mobile Search

In coming times in Google search result major changes can be seen. The company is testing the new user interface, Which is currently being given to some users. The new interface has a search result fade and According to the existing color schemes, it is less callous. A black link will appear in the new search user interface using the Blue Hyper link. Result is shown as cards in this new interface. Which looks similar to the Android's Material Design. If you've used Android Nogot OS version And its notification is visible, So understand that this is the same.

One big change is that, A new design will appear on top of the link, While the current design appears in the search results below. It is not clear at present, The company has released it for how many people. If test it for a short time on iOS It could only be used for some time. There are currently some issues Because, its testing is still going on. It seems that This change has happened last 12 or 15 hours. Because, some users have said that, It is showing a change in the Google search result.

Ransomware Hackers Targeted Hollywood, Disney's Movie Hacked

Disney's Chief Executive Officer Bob Egare revealed on Tuesday that Ransomware hackers have hacked their film. They are currently asking for the ransom amount. If this amount is not given, then it will release the film on the Internet. However, Egare did not reveal the name of this film, But that's supposed to be The next film from Disney's Pirates series 'Dead Man Tales No Tales'. Egare said that Disney is working together with the FBI. Egare said that hackers are demanding a lot of money through the online currency bitcoin.

Track Whatsapp Message and Call Using This Trick

WhatsApp users always keep thinking about tracking their own messages. Sometimes it happens that he does not even know when and how many people talked with him. But, using a small trick can get information about it. Not only that but with Selected Contact you can also see full Conversations records too easily.

Check this out on Android smartphones
First, open the WhatsApp and select its contact, Whose conversation you would like to view. After that you have to transfer that conversation from Option-More-Email Chat to your Email Account.
After opening mail account window, Select without media option. Now download chat by opening your mail account. Copy the full text to Notepad in the Last.

Perform this way on iPhone
First, open the WhatsApp and go to the setting. Then click on Storage Uses. After that will open a complete Conversation History against you. After that, you will get a break-up of the Total Conversation within the detail breakdown. You just tap on the contact.

If Cyber ​​Hackers Wants A Ransom Amount Do not even Mistake To Give Them.

Millions of computers in 150 countries across the globe have come under the virus of rainwear wannacry. It has been advised to update Windows to prevent it. But if your computer has reached the Rensemware, What should I do? The advice of experts is that If this happens then do not give the amount of ransom. Cyber Hackers asking for 300 Bitcoin to unlock the files. Some users finds this amount less for unlock their files.

Do not benefit from giving ransom
The quantum of the resmemware is being requested by bitcoin. That's a bad aspect is that Very few people are less likely to get their files back. Even if they pay the ransom amount.